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Media West*Con
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This community was started because of all the fun we've had over the years making trip diaries with my friends and fellow con goers to MediaWest*Con (because after 12 hours in a car you start to say some very funny things, not to mention the funny things you see on the road). We thought it would be fun to share with all MW Con folks.

The idea and rules are simple. You may post anything about the con, tracks you're attending, questions if your new to the con, entries about your trip to the con and back home. This will also serve as a way to contact people you've met at the con, and would like to stay in touch with.

Pictures are fine and welcome so long as they are
A) relative to the community
B) either kept small or placed behind an LJ Cut.

THIS JOURNAL IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE CONVENTION! This means we the maintainers of this community CANNOT answer questions about party suites, why panels weren't picked, etc. Some of the Con Staff are friended on this community, however, so if you choose to post questions, that is fine. But please, if the question isn't answered, do not be upset with us; we're just regular con goers, just like you.

The interests listed below are defaults we chose to be in common with those on the MWC page; if you would like something added just let us know. :)

Please keep this friendly and fun, and we'll see you there!

P.S. To find us at the con, we will be:

milady_vilya, listed as "Quietus" on the panel schedules.
luthienpotter, listed as "LuthienPotter" on the panel schedules.
craftypug, listed as VFoster on her membership tag.