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MWC without a car

I'm planning to go next year, but I don't drive. Realistically, how do I actually get there without renting a car? Are there any overflow hotels that aren't 10 miles away? What are airport shuttle/taxi services like? I realize people are often helpful and drive other fans, but let's assume for argument's sake that I don't know anyone and won't be getting rides. How doable is MW actually without a car? (And can I fly there from anywhere near NYC without changing planes in Detroit? Or are there any convenient buses or trains from Detroit to Lansing that are more convenient than a second leg of a flight?) It sounds like a lot of fun, but I swear I've never seen a con that was such a pain to get to.

My Hawaii Five-0 vid

I entered the vid competition this year and one of my vids was the Hawaii Five-0 vid Tick Tick Boom. I was talking to some fellow con goers who enjoyed the vid and said that they'd like to see it again. I told them I'd post it, so here it is.

Tick Tick Boom from Lesley Wilmoth on Vimeo.

Now that I'm back from the lengthy road trip that is the return ride home from MediaWest*Con, I thought I'd share both the playlist from the 2011 MediaWest*Con Fannish Music Video Competition, and the award winners list.

Second up - the list of Award Winners for 2011. A special thanks to all of the producers who gathered on Sunday afternoon to tally the votes -- your help was greatly appreciated. And thanks to Jan for arranging to combine the Video Awards with the Fan Q Awards ceremony on Sunday evening! Please note that two new categories were added this year -- Best in Show allowed for all voters to vote for what they believed to be the overall best video across all categories. Producers' Choice allowed all contributing producers for the year to select the video they believe to be the best overall video across all categories.

Scott "CannellFan" Clark
SiDiC Music Videos

Here are the winners for 2011:



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Now that I'm back from the lengthy road trip that is the return ride home from MediaWest*Con (May 27-30, 2011), I thought I'd share both the playlist from the 2011 MediaWest*Con Fannish Music Video Competition, and the award winners list.

First up - the playlist, in order by production group. Order shown on each of the three days (Friday night premieres, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning) was changed each day.

Producers were not required to identify what category their videos were being submitted in. The standard MediaWest*Con categories are: Song Interpretation - Single Source; Song Interpretation - Multi-Source, Humorous, Original (made mainly from home-made footage), Constructed Reality (in which a story is told with the footage, which was never there in the original context of the footage). There were no "Original" or "Constructed Reality" vids in this year's show.

Scott Clark
SiDiC Music Videos



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My Con Report

Home safe and sound! Here's my Con Report if you're interested. :)

Dead Dog Party

Will get my postings up here soon enough I hope tomorrow. But did anyone go to the dead dog panel? any idea what will be the theme for next year???? Or ow to get our attendance up???

MediaWest*Con 31 -- Day 3

I did not actually manage to drag my butt out of bed in time for the first panel I wanted to go to this morning, so my day started with the Donald Strachey room party. We watched "Ice Blues" and attempted to pimp people into the fandom (Donald and Timmy are just so darned cute together).

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MediaWest*Con 31 -- Day 2

It definitely makes me sad that this con keeps getting smaller and smaller, but one of the side benefits is that panels are starting later in the day. No more dragging my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn to attend an 8:00 a.m. panel, only to discover that no one else had managed to drag their butts out of bed at the crack of dawn and I was the only one there.

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MediaWest*Con 31 -- Day 1

As usual, I started out with a pass through the dealer room. Like last year, it's one aisle smaller than it normally is and some of the mainstay dealers didn't come for various reasons. I'm sorry to see fewer dealers, but I do like having the extra space in the aisles. And there were still enough dealers there that I only made it 3/4 of the way through before the first panel. My new favorite T-shirt? "Steampunk--What Happens When Goths Discover Brown." jennetj makes little pins and magnets out of people's LJ icons, and she surprised me with a magnet of my "sod today" icon. My BF and I saw that sign outside a lawn & garden center last spring. My BF took the picture of the sign for me, and jennetj made the actual icon after I posted the picture to my LJ.

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