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We have started getting confirmations on the MWC 2013 hotel and it's been announced that the con is moved to the Ramada. Unfortunately, I got a confirm for the auxiliary hotel so selling zines next year is out for me.

If it's all right here, I have a question that would decide if I can go or not.

My question is this: they have said the auxiliary hotel is only 437 feet away from the host and map-wise, it doesn't look like there are a lot of roads. But it is beyond my ability to walk there (unless I can double up my PT and really improve by next year). I can't use a motorized scooter because I am blind in one eye and only have the use of one hand so I can't control the thing.

So I'm basically back to rely on being pushed about on a wheelchair if I decide to go and basically ruining MWC for the rest of my friends because they're stuck with me.

Is anyone familiar with these two hotels? The directions between the two are here:
Google Directions

Can a manual wheelchair be pushed on these pavements and safely cross highways? Or should I pay for a car rental for my roomie?

Sorry for the whining. I'm hoping to make this work somehow.

I would appreciate any advice.



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Dec. 13th, 2012 03:59 am (UTC)
Getting in by the back door...
I'm a devious person. I don't always play by the rules, if I don't have to.
Since this is the first year at a new chain (if not at a new building), I'm betting they aren't onboard with the whole stupid room lottery thing yet. I highly suggest that you CALL the Ramada and try to make your own reservation for the weekend. (Don't use the online system.) I simply don't believe that what's left of MW could fill that hotel.

It looks to me like the Hampton Inn is the old Red Roof Inn across the road. I don't remember how the "walk/roll" would be. As I recall the road is pretty busy, not as bad as Saginaw though.

If making your own reservation doesn't work. Try going to Laurie Carleton. They should have some kind of "go to the head of the line" for handicapped con goers. (Although these days, that's half the con too. Fandom isn't aging very gracefully.)

One further note, if someone in your group who is at the host hotel could score a King room, there is ample, ample room to do something like put an inflatable mattress on the floor.
Dec. 13th, 2012 04:07 am (UTC)
Re: Getting in by the back door...
handicapped con goers.

I don't want to take away an accessible room from someone though. There's never enough no matter what the chain. I just don't want to wreck my wheelchair going back and forth.

I think it'll work out. I'll ask around our group. Maybe one of us got a host room? If not, I may resort to whining to someone after all.

Pray for the former. I'm a horrific whiner. LOL.
Dec. 13th, 2012 04:10 am (UTC)
Re: Getting in by the back door...
Just read some reviews of the HI-W, er, the Ramada. not good.

Nov 26, 2012: “Over Price”
Nov 13, 2012: “OK If You Like a Dump”
Nov 11, 2012: “Just ok..”

Also mentions of cockroaches. Yuck! Maybe the Hampton's a better bet after all.
Dec. 13th, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
Dec. 14th, 2012 06:30 am (UTC)
I'm going to try to figure out the room # of *the BEST room* in that entire hotel!
The layout of that hotel has the rooms in a big hollow square, with a courtyard and the indoor pool (hydrodome?) in the center. So rooms either face the the pool or the parking lot. So you could walk in a giant circle to see all of the rooms on either the 1st, 2nd floor or 3rd floor. Yikes, only 3 floors, yeah smaller hotel.

Back in the day (whippersnapper), one year there was a mix-up over rooms (this was about the 3rd from the last year at the old Holiday Inn, which in the early years had a Playboy Club attached) and we ended up in a room, kind of off the beaten path, that was usually reserved for pilots (or else a UPS driver). It wasn't being used that weekend so we got it as the last option of a room. (This was back when the con filled up 3-4 hotels. Oooh, maybe the Hampton is the old Best Western. That was an okay place.)

Anyway this room. It's on the 2nd floor, you get off the elevator and you are facing the front of the building in an atrium area overlooking the lobby. If you go left (counter-clockwise) you have to go left through a fire door (but it's not an emergency exit), if you go the other way it's just open corridor to the rooms on that side.

After you go through the door you are in a short enclosed corridor, about 30-40 feet long. (the width of 2 rooms plus a little). There are only 2 rooms in this corner of the hotel. To continue on to the rest of the rooms, you go to the end of the short hall and out a door on the side, so that now you are headed along the side of the hotel. But back to those 2 rooms. They essentially have their own private corridor, because 90% of people will go around the 2nd floor clockwise from the elevator, just because there is no door.

The 1st year we had that room we were a bit bummed, until our first room party spilled easily out into our "private" hallway. (I think there was a pilot in the other room that first year, but he came in late and left early.) The next year we specifically requested those 2 rooms, and we decorated not only the doors, but the entire corridor. That was back in our Phantom of the Opera days, and we turned the entire hallway into the Phantom's Lair. We put up floor to ceiling black wall paper, with various height white tape candles and christmas lights behind the wallpaper, that only shined through where we cut out holes for the candles' flames. We had a silver tape portcullis hanging over the windows at the end of the hall. (Can you tell I worked for a company that made a lot of specialty tape? The black wall paper was made from a scrap roll of black polyethylene substrate about 100 yards long). One of the room doors was the magic mirror from Christine's dressing room, and the other door was wrapped in black with a Michael Crawford Phantom poster. We hijacked a high-backed chair from the lobby, draped it in black fabric (we bought a bolt) with a white phantom's half-mask in the chair, as the Phantom's throne. And then we had a tape player with a 12 minute endless loop tape that played the Phantom's theme music and then had him sobbing out "Christine, I looooove you (in 3 languages-UK cast recording, German Cast recording, Japanese cast recording).

It was the biggest single-themed door decoration ever! I believe that was the year they first gave out the "Best in Show" award. And the next year they moved to HIS.

We had a huge party every night in our "private" hallway. It was awesome, and we had no neighbors to complain about the noise. You can easily accommodate 20-30 people. Now, if you were trying to sell a zine, you'd have to advertise and put up some clever signs on that hallway door to encourage people to enter, but you could set your wares up in the entire hallway area.

Well, it was fun remembering that. =)
Feb. 17th, 2013 11:28 pm (UTC)
Yum@, you should contact Carol Lynn to see if she can get you sorted out. I understand that for anyone who put down on the room request that they were handicapped, she made an effort to get those folks in the main hotel.

And apparently the place has been renovated and is much nicer than the reviews would indicate.

That said, I'm in the main hotel, and I'm planning to get a dealer's table. If no one else in your group is planning to have a table, I'd be happy to share a bit of table space in exchange for some company in the dealer's room ...

What zine(s) might you be planning to bring out? I'm putting together info on upcoming zines to share around various venues on the net ...

Looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Jun. 4th, 2013 09:24 pm (UTC)
Seeing this discussion thread post-convention, I'd say the following. (1) There were definitely enough fans to overflow the Ramada and the Hampton and need rooms in a few other area hotels. (2) The condition of the Ramada wasn't great, but considering that they were basically an abandoned facility for two years and the new owners only took over 6 months ago to start renovations and rehabilitations, it actually seemed like it was in great shape. (3) We stayed in the Hampton -- I have no idea what it may have been in the past. It was a terrific motel/hotel -- definitely in much better condition than the Ramada. Lots of fans were staying there and simply driving across the street and parking all day in the Ramada lot. For those unable to drive, or who chose to walk, it was a bit of a walk -- farther than a full city block, over slightly rough terrain. I wouldn't have wanted to try walking it with a wheelchair, as there were NOT convenient crosswalks where you needed to be.

For those who were not mobility challenged, the Hampton turned out to be a great alternative. For those with mobility issues and no car to drive across the street, perhaps not a great situation!
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