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A few weeks have passed since the convention, and I've been lax about getting the MWC Vid Show list posted, so I thought I'd share both the playlist from the 2012 MediaWest*Con Fannish Music Video Competition, integrated with the award winners list.

Order shown on each of the three days (Friday night premieres, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning) was changed each day.

Producers were not required to identify what category their videos were being submitted in. The standard MediaWest*Con categories are: Song Interpretation - Single Source; Song Interpretation - Multi-Source, Humorous, Original (made mainly from home-made footage), Constructed Reality (in which a story is told with the footage, which was never there in the original context of the footage). There were no Original or Constructed Reality vids in this year's show.

MediaWest*Con still traditionally breaks up the video show into a Gen portion, followed by a Mature portion and Slash portion. Videos are judged in the above-listed categories for each of these three classifications. For the first time in many years, there were videos submitted in the Mature classification, which were not voted on separate from Gen. Video producer Franzeska also had one Slash video ("Voices") which could easily have been considered in the Constructed Reality category within Slash, but as it was the only video in that category, it competed only in the Song Interpretation - Multi Source category instead.

Thanks, and to all the vid fans who've been e-mailing me to find out when the list would be posted, I thank you for your patience.

Scott Clark
SiDiC Music Videos

2012 MWC Fannish Music Video Competition Entries


Chewing Gum for the Eyes

Ball of Confusion          X-Men: First Class  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 1st Place]
Grounds For Divorce
Straight Cold Player          Booker
When There's No One Around          Supernatural  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 2nd Place (tie)]
O' Death          Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Hush" episode)  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 2nd Place (tie)] / [PRODUCERS CHOICE FOR TECHNICAL MERIT]

Infinite Fandom Productions

Villain          Sherlock
Friends (from Flight of the Conchords)          Hawaii 5-O  [Gen - Humorous - 1st Place]
Human          Sherlock

SiDiC Music Videos

credits          credits  [Credits - 2nd Place]
You're a Friend of Mine/Nice to Be With You          Multi (The Annual Tribute Video)  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 3rd Place (for Nice to Be With You)]
Extra Feature: Alternate Credits          credits

Spaced Ponies

credits          credits  [Credits - 1st Place]
Fairytale (by Sara Bareilles)          Once Upon a Time
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Lone Star)          Multi  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Multi Source - 1st Place] / [Gen - Humorous - 2nd Place]
Knee Deep          Burn Notice
Blood Makes Noise          Multi  [Gen - Song Interpretation - Multi Source - 2nd Place]




Lady of Ice          Miami Vice
The Great McCarthy          Miami Vice
Night Meeting          Miami Vice
Holding Out for a Hero          Destroy All Monsters  [Gen - Humorous - 3rd Place]
Disco Inferno          The Bionic Woman
Kissing Cousins          Friday the 13th: The Series
A View to a Kill          Crying Freeman


Chewing Gum for the Eyes

We Found Love          Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Losing My Religion          Captain America
  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 1st Place]
From This Moment On          X-Men: First Class

Cosmic Stallion

Complicated          Hawaii 5-0  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 3rd Place]
That's Amore          Multi  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Multi Source - 1st Place] / [Slash - Humorous - 2nd Place]
Glitter in the Air          Merlin  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Single Source - 2nd Place] / [BEST IN SHOW]
Brand New Girlfriend          Multi (Star Trek/Boston Legal)  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Multi Source - 2nd Place] / [Slash - Humorous - 1st Place]


Voices          Multi (James Spader films)  [Slash - Song Interpretation - Multi Source - 3rd Place]
Caramelo (Spanish)          Miami Vice
King of Brooklyn          Wiseguy
Who Wants to (Vid This Song)          Sherlock
  [Slash - Humorous - 3rd Place]
Jack U Off          Miami Vice
Games (Spanish)          Piratas
It's All Coming Back to Me Now          Miami Vice

Little Tree Productions

Change My Name          Donald Strachey Mysteries
Valentine          Donald Strachey Mysteries

Recycled Media Station

Where You Are          The Professionals
Over You          Sherlock