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MediaWest*Con 33 post-convention wrap-up

Originally posted by cannellfan at MediaWest*Con 33 post-convention wrap-up directly on my own LJ blog, and now shared to the MWCtripdiary group...

We're back from MediaWest*Con 33, and, as usual I was too busy over the entire weekend to post daily "here's what happened" entries. My original plan had been to go back and retroactively post daily MWC33 updates on my LiveJournal blog. But, ultimately, I decided to just do this one single post that encapsulates this year's convention in its entirety. It's gonna be a fairly long post, with multiple graphics and embedded YouTube videos, so if you want the whole story, then continue past the LJ-Cut here...

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We have started getting confirmations on the MWC 2013 hotel and it's been announced that the con is moved to the Ramada. Unfortunately, I got a confirm for the auxiliary hotel so selling zines next year is out for me.

If it's all right here, I have a question that would decide if I can go or not.

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Hi! I checked the official MWC website but saw nothing about room reservation notifications going out yet. I only ask because last year I believe it was August when the hotel let people know. Anyone heard anything? Guesses? Rumors? Will-o-the-wisps? ;)
A few weeks have passed since the convention, and I've been lax about getting the MWC Vid Show list posted, so I thought I'd share both the playlist from the 2012 MediaWest*Con Fannish Music Video Competition, integrated with the award winners list.

Order shown on each of the three days (Friday night premieres, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning) was changed each day.

Producers were not required to identify what category their videos were being submitted in. The standard MediaWest*Con categories are: Song Interpretation - Single Source; Song Interpretation - Multi-Source, Humorous, Original (made mainly from home-made footage), Constructed Reality (in which a story is told with the footage, which was never there in the original context of the footage). There were no Original or Constructed Reality vids in this year's show.

MediaWest*Con still traditionally breaks up the video show into a Gen portion, followed by a Mature portion and Slash portion. Videos are judged in the above-listed categories for each of these three classifications. For the first time in many years, there were videos submitted in the Mature classification, which were not voted on separate from Gen. Video producer Franzeska also had one Slash video ("Voices") which could easily have been considered in the Constructed Reality category within Slash, but as it was the only video in that category, it competed only in the Song Interpretation - Multi Source category instead.

Thanks, and to all the vid fans who've been e-mailing me to find out when the list would be posted, I thank you for your patience.

Scott Clark
SiDiC Music Videos

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Two posts, beginning at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/487700.html, about the joys of taking Amtrak to the con, and pets and food :)

Twitter from Media West

Anyone going to be tweeting at Media*West?
Please leave either your twitter name in the comments, or hashtags you will use, so we can follow the action from home!!!

Space for roommate in main hotel

Hi! I have a room in the main con hotel with 2 queen beds, and I have no roommate. If anyone would be interested in rooming with me, please drop me a line. I'm checking in on Thursday and checking out on Monday.

Signup is starting

We're starting signup for programming. You can find details at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mwcprogram/ and it should be up on the official blog in the next day or so at http://blog.mediawestcon.org/ or email mwcprogram@yahoo.com and we can send you PDFs. The Party Suite form is also up.

Programming for the 2012 convention

Hi guys. We are accepting topic suggestions for this year's con. The categories are

A. Television

B. Movies

C. Actors

D. Literature (books, magazines, comics, etc.)

E. Fandom (fan fiction, fandom)

F. Internet (live journal, blogs, sites)

G. Games/Gaming (includes games of all kinds, board games, computer games such as World of Warcraft, etc.)

H. Creative Pursuits (hobbies, vidding, etc. but not fan fiction)

J. Workshops* (workshops can be on anything – how to write, bead, vid, etc.)

All you need do it send in your suggestions to mwcprogram@yahoo.com. The deadline is the end of the month, although we may extend it depending on volume of suggestions.


Vids at MWC

I'm back with more n00b questions (and my room reservation--yay!).

I see the endless list of categories on the website, but it doesn't give me much of an idea of how the vid parts of the con work in practice. What's the cutoff between gen and vids that "more than hint about a physical relationship"? Should racier slash vids be labeled 'slash' and 'mature' or is mature being used for racy m/f vids? Does this mean that really tame slash vids can be mixed in with what I'd actually call gen, or is the entire show structured on the idea that the kiddies can catch gay cooties from primetime tv footage? What about songs with swearing? I feel like I'm navigating a formal tea party with my stuffy great aunt I've never met before.

What kinds of vids usually go over well at the con? I don't care about the competition aspects, if they're even happening anymore, but it looks like it's ok to bring things that have already premiered elsehwere. I'd like to pick vids people will actually enjoy, especially if I'm going to bother making separate DVDs for my non-slash vids. (And am I understanding correctly that people hand over their physical copies at the con?)